We purchase for you.

Single item goods purchase

Erdt buying agents accept the complete purchase: Whether medical devices, labels, cartons or leaflets – Erdt has an international supplier network that customers can use. All at the best price-performance ratio, of course.

It goes without saying that our suppliers are appraised annually and meet the Erdt Group’s quality requirements, certified according to DIN ISO 13485.

Erdt also pre-finances the complete purchase of goods – if customers require this. Thanks to rolling forecast planning and make-to-order production, sufficient stock is always ensured. So there are no breaks in the supply chain. Erdt guarantees this.

Just let us know your purchasing requirements and conditions. We will see to it.

We pack it.

Kit Packaging

Contract packaging is the core competence of the Erdt Group – also referred to as Kit Packaging. This refers to the assembly of medical products, such as blood glucose meters, in various ranges and for different markets and users.

Among other things, Erdt stocks trays for IVD products and labels reagents for DNA tests, both mechanically and manually. In addition, UDI labels can be created and processed manually or fully automatically. Barcode verification is also possible.

It is important to note that: Erdt stores and assembles both chilled goods (two to eight degrees Celsius) and hazardous substances. The process environment of the entire assembly is validated and qualified.

Rework orders are also part of the range: Erdt exchanges items, extends transit times, carries out 100 per cent checks, or disassembles kits to return goods to the warehouse.

You need something packing? We pack it.

We deliver quality.

Quality management

Erdt is DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN ISO 13485:2016 certified. Regular internal and external audits, as well as customer audits, ensure a comprehensive quality management.

To ensure high levels of quality, Erdt employees are trained on products before each order. Once orders have been produced, they take regular samples of finished kits, inspect them, and approve for sale. Upon request, with required certification, such as the CoA certificate (Certificate of Analysis).

The goods are sent to the customer’s central warehouse or directly to clinics and patients.

We store it.


Receipt, storage and shipping – Erdt has 14,000 m² of logistics space available for 12,000 pallet spaces.

The Green Logistics hall, built in 2013, has hazardous material containers, air-conditioned storage (two to 30 degrees) and a separate cooling area (two to eight degrees). Good to know: Erdt’s own employees control all incoming goods and work according to the FIFO (First In – First Out) or FEFO (First Expired – First Out) principle. With regular sampling, Erdt also ensures that only goods that are absolutely free of defects are stored.


We ship internationallyB2B and B2C. Parcels, packages and pallets. On request, ready to ship prepared with edge protectors or in boxes. Using all freight forwarders and CEP service providers such as Schenker or DHL.